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Indoor nature III


 Imi imaginez cum ar fi fost sa traiesc in alta epoca. Pe vremea cand constructiile umane nu inghitisera inca natura, cand oamenii se ocupau predominant cu agricultura si vanatul, mergeau pe jos sau calare, aprindeu seara un foc in semineu si o lumanare pe masa. Sunt recunoscatoare pentru progresul tehnologic de astazi, oferit noua, contra cost, de mintile mai luminate, dar cateodata parca e prea mult . Vreau sa respir aer curat si sa nu mai vad beton.Ma simt imbolnavita de mediul urban uneori si imi amintesc ce minunat era cand eram mica si mergeam cu bunicii la gradina. Vedeam orasul de undeva de sus, inconjurata de rosiile, castravetii si pomii bunicilor. Mergeam desculta prin iarba si ma tavaleam prin fan. Culegeam margarete si alergam fluturi. Astazi toate acestea par atat de departe si caut disperata macar o plimbare in parc si ingrijesc cu drag cateva plante in ghiveci.

Mergand pe aceasi idee, postez Indoor nature III, in incercarea de a readuce natura in viata noastra, de a reface legatura cu aceasta sursa uimitoare de sanatate si energie pozitiva de care ne-am indepartat. Si cum nu toti avem posibiliatea sa achizitionam o casa cu un spatiu verde, am cautat „idei verzi” si am si gasit.


Design fara limite I


Pentru cei mai nonconformisti care cauta sa isi decoreze casa/apartamentul si care s-au saturat ca gaseasca cam acelasi design de mobila peste tot, am gasit cateva sugestii originale de canapele. Vin sa confirme ca designul nu are limite mai ales daca gandesti „outside the box”. Daca tot mediul nostru extern este atat de gri, de haotic si de neinspirat, putem alege sa evadam in propria noastra casa. Imaginati-va cum ar fi, odata ce intrati pe usa de la intrare, sa pasiti in Lumea voastra, ca si Alice in Wonderland; sa fiti Creatorul propriei voastre Lumi.

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REconditioning history


One of the blogs I  love  is Design*Sponge. It’s a website dedicated to home and product design run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney that was launched in August of 2004.

One of the categories  is  before and after, that demonstrates that with some skills and imagination you can turn old, deteriorated furniture into a work of art.



Iubesc colajele….pentru ca pot aduna intr-o singura imagine tot ceea ce imi place, pentru ca sunt inspirationale si originale si intruchipeaza perfect ideea ca o poza vorbeste cat pentru o mie de cuvinte..

Am strans cateva colaje care imi plac mult de tot, pentru a va inspira.

a place to store treasures


I have a passion for books. I  grew up with a library at home so it’s only natural that I like reading them and collecting them. For me books are special treasures: in each one you find wisdom, life experience, stories written for us to discover. I like to picture the author writing and always like to imagine that the stories I read are true. It’s my dream that in time I gather a library of my own and for that one has to have a place to store it.

Clocks used as bookends…/page14.html

book shelves…/

Indoor nature II


I thought of adding another post on this subject because of its importance for me.This time I am talking about apartment plants. I live in a small apartment and even though I don’t have enough space I made room for my little plants. I love to see them and to look after them. They are not pretentious, they just need for one to remember to water them a couple of times a week.

You don’t necessary have to buy plants if you don’t have any. You can take one or two from your mom ( I did) , from work, from a fried. It’s easy to plant and see them grow. At the beginning I kept mine in plastic pots, but soon found some places where I bought ceramic bowls for them, that are very decorative. For example, in Timisoara, you can find cheap ones in Euro store or Kappa ( I bought one with 6 ron). Cheap plants and pots you can also find in supermarkets.I bought one with 10 ron and it didn’t die yet.

I have a Spathiphyllum:

Spathiphyllum in Ghiveci

Violets are very easy to take care of, only that they need to stay in front of a window because they bloom if they have a lot of light.To plant them you only need to pick a couple of leaves from another one and put them in the ground. They don’t need to grow roots.

Indoor nature


I gave a lot of thought at the perfect colors that I would choose to decorate my home with. I thought at space, lighting, feng shui elements and after much meditation I reached at the perfect solution, for me at least. Inspiration from nature. Nature is perfect in all its forms and has been the source of inspiration for a large variety of subjects. The fealing you have watching the sea, the sunrise, trees in the wind, gorgeous flowers is incomparable.This is the justification I have for my choice: imitate perfection in nature.Just look at a few pictures to get a clearer view of what I’m saying: